Let’s start with company culture’s What, Where, and Why. Does it matter to your business? Is it a concept you need to learn? What difference will it make? Well, it just may make all the difference in the world.

What is Company Culture?

“Company culture” is the culture within a business that all participating agents live and move inside of. It is how business is handled, the processes in place, the existing avenues for employees to seek help, and most importantly, the kind of leadership practiced. Company culture is how everyone does what they do while on the clock.

Where is Company Culture formed?

Company culture is formed first at the very top of businesses by an organized (or perhaps disorganized) leadership. It is then adapted, followed, and reinforced by all company employees. Because company culture can be an ebbing and flowing construct, the key players within an organization are the ones who are continually reaffirming what a business’s company culture looks like and is.

Why should you care about Company Culture?

Assuming you operate within a business that you want to do well, caring about a company’s culture is critical to building and maintaining a successfully functioning business. You should care about culture in the workplace if you want to be an efficient, caring leader. And if so, learning about caring leadership and how it will foster a hard-working team environment is essential.

Is your Company Culture working for or against you?

To ensure your company culture is conducive to building hard-working teams, you must take an introspective, curious look at your leadership style. Are you caring and willing to help your employees when a problem arises? Do you praise their efforts and lift them in their roles at work? Do you allow their paths to grow, shift, and pivot when the job may require them to do so? Every one of these questions is something you should be practicing in the workplace. If you truly want your company culture to work for you, call Employee Fanatix today so that we can walk you through exactly how to transform your company.

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