About Employee Fanatix

About Employee Fanatix

At Employee Fanatix, our purpose is simple: to equip companies and organizations with the intelligence they need to improve the quality of work life for their employees.

We are guided and inspired by our vision to help leaders shine by putting people at the heart of everything they do, while empowering employees with the knowledge that their voice and ideas matter.

As a leading employee engagement and leadership development consulting and training firm focused on helping companies and organizations to become more agile, creative, and successful, Employee Fanatix partners with in-house HR and management teams to uncover challenges and devise action plans to build trust, improve morale, and mitigate employee turnover.

By using innovative and effective listening and communication strategies, we unlock critical clues that reveal the source of ongoing problems and help leaders see those problems through a lens of opportunity.

Whether we’re building a strategic plan to create a more inclusive workplace culture, delivering an effective employee communication strategy, coaching a leader to better engage and motivate their employees, or facilitating an employee focus group, everything we do is designed to uncover actionable insights that enable deep cultural improvements, increase leadership effectiveness, and drive business results.