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Create a High-Trust Workplace Where Employees Feel Heard & Valued

Employee engagement Colorado Springs consulting helps ensure your people feel supported and go the extra mile to succeed.

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Develop a Culture That Your Employees Want & Respect

At Employee Fanatix, we’ve analyzed tens of thousands of employee surveys, so you don’t have to.

By outsourcing your employee and culture survey analysis to us, and uncovering what people are thinking in less time, you’ll gain insights into the central issues affecting your organization’s teams and departments, and be able to put those insights into action immediately.

With us as your trusted partner, you’ll develop a strategic plan of action and roll it out in a way that keeps employees informed, invested, and inspired, so that any changes have the best chance of success.

How We Help You Engage Your People:

Step 1

Recognize the Unsaid

Coaching and team training that:
  • Builds awareness around real issues
  • Prioritizes listening to understand
  • Better connects leaders to team members
Step 1
Step 2


Roundtables, focus groups, surveys, and listening sessions that:
  • Create safe spaces for real feedback
  • Get down to the root of challenges
  • Gather measurable employee sentiments
Step 2
Step 3


Journey mapping and assessments that:
  • Evaluate each employee experience touchpoint
  • Identify opportunities for inclusion
  • Gauge current and desired states
Step 3
Step 4


Strategic action plans that:
  • Create a roadmap for transformation
  • Foster collaboration and inclusion
  • Drive business results
Step 4
Step 5


Communication strategies that:
  • Help you share your vision and plans
  • Ensure engagement is an ongoing priority
  • Keep employees informed about progress
Step 5

Not sure where to start?

Case Study

“Our HR Team is now much more disciplined.”

“Heather is a skilled professional with a personable and enthusiastic approach, who is passionate about the employee experience. She offered thoughtful insights to help advance our professional development and employee engagement initiatives, and formulated her recommendations for maximum impact. Our HR team is now much more disciplined about our priorities and thoughtful about connecting the dots for employees.”

CHRISTINNE JOHNSON | Chief Human Resources Officer, FirstBank Holding Company

A communication strategy to give employees a voice and a stake in the business.

FirstBank hired Employee Fanatix to engage a Voice of Employee lens to provide insights into employee needs, while giving its people more of a voice and a stake in the business.

FirstBank’s people-first mentality went on to win them the Top Workplace Regional Award, and has allowed them to continue to connect the dots for employees, keeping them informed and engaged.

Train Your Leaders
Anytime, Anywhere

Our Caring Leadership tools and resources are designed to not only educate your organization’s leaders about how to engage and uplift those they lead, but also support them as they navigate a people-first era of work.

Help your leaders identify key areas for growth with the Caring Leadership Self-Assessment

Gift them with the education they need to support every stage of their leadership development with the Caring Leadership Academy

Give them access to ongoing guidance and support with Caring Leadership Coaching from certified Caring Leadership coaches

The Cycle of Active Listening

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