Do you aspire to build a workplace culture where everyone feels valued and you lead your market?

Many leaders find changing their workplace culture overwhelming, especially without the right framework in place. You're not alone.

Introducing the Art of Active Listening framework, a proven process that has helped thousands of changemakers like you evaluate their workplace culture, identify where to start, and receive ongoing support. Now, you too can create a culture of engaged employees and high-performing teams.

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Deepen Employee Engagement By Helping Your People Grow & Develop

Building an engaged culture can often feel like an overwhelming task, but it is possible with the right framework and support fueled by listening.

Our trainings, boot camps, and coaching programs are designed to support high-potential employees to become more effective leaders in order to boost motivation and engagement, and inspire teams to perform at their best. Available in 2.5 hours, half day, and full day experiences.

The result?

Your people feel heard, valued, and supported to contribute at every level – and your teams get to learn and up-level together. Hire the best HR consultants with Employee Fanatix.


On-Demand Learning

Our online courses, resources, and community are designed to not only educate your organization’s leaders about how to engage and uplift those they lead anytime, anywhere, but also support them as they navigate a people-first era of work.

Employee Retention Boot Camp

Connect your supervisors, team managers, and senior leaders to front-line workers like never before in this on-site or virtual leadership boot camp. This boot camp will help them uncover the keys to retaining and engaging talent, and walk away with real-life tools and strategies that will transform them into employee loyalty leaders.
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DiSC™ Communication Training

Pave the way for reduced conflict, improved communication, and increased employee engagement by helping your leaders and teams build self-awareness around how they and others prefer to interact, so they can become more effective communicators.

Includes a pre-training DiSC™ assessment, 45-page personalized report, and 30-minute coaching session for each employee to prepare them to work with the larger group.

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Active Listening Workshops for Teams

Connect and align your executive leadership team around a unified vision and collective goals that raise the leadership bar, drive engagement, and inspire greatness from the top down. Prevent organizational silos that inhibit communication, collaboration, and success, and inspire a supportive culture with trust at its core.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging Workshops

Take your organization’s success to the next level with one-on-one coaching for your executives and high-potential employees. Provide a safe, structured environment that helps them uncover how they can become more effective leaders, make better decisions, and get better results.

Need something else?

Whether you want to help your leaders build their skills around leading through change, or bringing out the best in them and their teams, we have trainings, boot camps, workshops, and training programs developed to support your organization. Get in touch with us today for leadership training.

“We really moved the needle.”

“Employees felt safe discussing the ways in which they are diverse with the team, and Heather did a great job of helping us prioritize where our immediate focus should be. Now we know where to direct our time, and have embedded new goals and initiatives into our everyday work.”

KARYN GONZALES | Director, Academic Development and Partnerships at DaVita Inc.

Train Your Leaders
Anytime, Anywhere

Our Caring Leadership tools and resources are designed to not only educate your organization’s leaders about how to engage and uplift those they lead, but also support them as they navigate a people-first era of work.

Help your leaders identify key areas for growth with the Caring Leadership Self-Assessment

Gift them with the education they need to support every stage of their leadership development with the Caring Leadership Academy

Give them access to ongoing guidance and support with Caring Leadership Coaching from certified Caring Leadership coaches

Master the Art of Active Listening

Discover how you can better engage your people, so together you can accomplish what matters most. Download our free guide, The Cycle of Active Listening, to receive a practical framework for creating a listening culture that is bidirectional, responsive, and supportive. Get in touch with us today for employee engagement resources!


The Cycle of Active Listening

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