Today’s podcast is another solo show. In this short episode, I want to take this opportunity to talk about addressing negative feedback or feedback or a negative situation or a heart situation head on and not hide from it.

If you are struggling in this area of leadership, this episode will definitely help you out.

How to Handle Feedback

Feedbacks must always be done in a respectful way, everyone has a right to it, whether they are in a leadership role or not.

Team cohesion and positive team dynamics are extremely crucial and it’s important as managers and leaders to receive feedback in a respectful way. #leadershipwithheart Click To Tweet

To receive it inside of ourselves, to take it in, to hover that concept and to hopefully learn and change from it. It is not okay for people to undermine anybody on the team, I don’t care if you’re a leadership role or not.

Critical Conversations

Leaders need to learn how to head off negative things that might destroy their culture and team dynamics, this relates to receiving and addressing critical conversations.

It’s important as leaders to receive feedback, to hear what people might be saying, to hear criticisms and to take that in. #leadershipwithheart Click To Tweet

But it’s also important to head off negative things that are happening that could destroy your culture, your team dynamics immediately.

This might also be a case when you think about it when maybe an organization is going through a merger or do lay-offs that we make sure that we let our people know why this has to take place, why lay-offs are happening, and understanding that the person had value in the organization but maybe it was a necessary evil to keep the business going.

These kinds of conversations are critical. These people are adults, they’re not children, they do deserve utmost respect, so having that open line of communication with them, letting them know where the business is going, how they can impact business results in a positive way and maybe what might be impacting the business in a negative way and then what that could mean for the business as it relates to potential lay-offs or cuts.




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