Here’s the real truth…76% (TINYpulse stat) of employees will leave their company for one that values them. If that number doesn’t surprise you, that’s likely because you want to feel valued too. Nearly all of us can think of a story of when a manager made us feel less than. So many employees feel like they’re just a number, as though they don’t matter in the bigger picture. But it’s up to our organizations and leaders, of all levels, to make employees feel valued, both individually and in teams. You have the power to set that standard and never have to make your employees feel that way again. 

Recognition and appreciation don’t always have to be grand gestures. There are many ways to show your employees you appreciate that they’re here and a part of this workplace journey. But be sure you’re asking questions about how you can really personalize it for them. What makes them feel valued? An accolade that may work for one individual may not be enough for the other. We have all gone through our own personal journeys, and maybe it’s a simple ‘thank you’ or a small token of gratitude, like a Sugarwish or a company lunch, that could go a long way.

Each employee we hire, each position we fill, keeps our organizations thriving. We have all been there when an employee has quit unexpectedly and we’re left to pick up the pieces. It’s hectic, overwhelming, and usually leaves us wondering; why? Amid the Great Resignation, 33 million Americans left their jobs since the Spring of 2021. But isn’t it time we took a deep dive into what is causing them to go? Is it leadership? Benefits? Pay? Workplace conflict? Employees who don’t feel valued don’t perform. As organizational leaders, we have to find out the why to find a solution to increase retention. Showing employee appreciation is always a great way to start.

It’s not about putting your employees on a pedestal. It’s about celebrating their wins, learning from their losses, and providing growth opportunities – together. Get in the trenches with them, know what they’re doing in their day to day, work alongside them, and don’t let it go unnoticed when they’ve gone above and beyond. Show them that you’re all in so that they can be all in too. This is more than just a day to recognize a job well done; it’s a reflection of your organization and your leadership. Connecting, recognizing, and spending time with your employees, truly makes them feel valued and important.

Happy Employee Appreciation Day!