Centering Dignity in Employee Departures

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As the COVID-19 pandemic gave way to massive economic fallout in early 2020, company downsizing soon became an inevitable reality. The harsh truth is, layoffs hurt. They hurt the person delivering the tough news, and it certainly hurts being on … Read More

Finding “Happiness” During a Pandemic

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Recently, CNBC published an article detailing the meteoric rise and tragic death of Tony Hsieh, who founded the successful shoe ecommerce platform Zappos. In 2009, Amazon acquired his company for $1.2 billion, marking the largest acquisition in Amazon’s history at … Read More

Filtering Access & Opportunity Through an Equity Lens

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Recently, a close friend of mine was recounting a personal story to me. She’s shared it before countless times, but only because the sting of discrimination she felt rings true to this day. My friend, who is Latina, was working … Read More

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