Employee engagement is a pressing issue, with only 15% of employees worldwide feeling engaged at work. This has led to a significant number of employees actively seeking new opportunities, costing US employers $1.1 billion per year in replacement costs. But, there are steps you can take to improve employee engagement:

  1. Embrace Inclusive Decision-Making: Involve your team in decision-making processes, valuing their input and ideas. Neglecting employee feedback can lead to lost talent and dissatisfied customers.
  2. Recognize Employee Efforts: Regularly acknowledge and appreciate your employees’ contributions. TINYpulse found that 76% of employees would leave for an organization that values them. Recognition boosts morale and cultivates a positive work culture.
  3. Foster Genuine Connections: Go beyond work-related matters and connect with your team on a personal level. Show interest in their lives and support them both professionally and personally. Genuine care builds loyalty and engagement.

By implementing these three steps, you can create a thriving work culture and address the challenges of employee engagement.

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