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Heather celebrates the 100th episode of the podcast by sharing testimonials from people who have listened mostly since the beginning of the show. She also gives a short nugget and an impactful message to those listening. Please listen in as we honor those who support the podcast as well as the Leaders with Heart who have been on the show.

Cheers to 100 more! Enjoy!

Leaders With Heart

Employee experience is powered by emotions. Managers and leaders get to choose which emotions they express to the people they lead. Leaders drive much of the positive or negative emotions through their actions, inactions, words, and what they fail to say. 

When managers choose their words and actions carefully, they exhibit great emotional intelligence. These managers are often thought of as leaders who care, or as I like to call them, Leaders With Heart

These special brand of leaders drive engagement and loyalty simply by being themselves. Are these leaders perfect? Absolutely not. It is in their awareness and  sharing of their imperfections that we realize their brilliance.

I get so much out of every episode because Heather only brings in people who truly lead with heart. – Tyler Adams, PR & Communications Specialist at TinyPulse #leadershipwithheart Click To Tweet

100th Episode

In this podcast, I ask you to see yourself in the stories my guests tell about times when they were not the best versions of themselves. I want you to learn how they use their hearts to guide them to a place of heightened leadership prowess and deeper connection with their team.

Today is the 100th episode. I’m super excited for this day! What a journey it has been. I have to say I am super humbled to have spoken to amazing people and I am super excited about next year. I am very grateful that all of you have chosen to listen in on me and my unpolished, funny way of interviewing people. 

This episode is more of a tribute to you, listeners. I want you to hear some of the voices of people that are in the audience, those who are listening in with you.

I just couldn’t believe the impact that this show has had on people. So, I want to thank all of the listeners for sticking with me throughout. It has been definitely a great honor and I am super excited with what we can come up together in the coming months.

Also, there will soon be a book, the first of many in the series, based upon the podcast. It will contain interviews that I had and some of the work that I do in the human resource space. It won’t come out until 2021 but I think I will be proud of that work because you have been a part of it.

It is really inspiring to know that there are so many leaders out there that are willing to do what they can for the people that they work with. Here’s to a hundred more! – Jackie Benjamin #leadershipwithheart Click To Tweet

The Power of Choice

Whether you are leading someone now, or you want to lead other people, or you’re leading yourself, you get to choose what that looks like

You get to choose your mindset and behavior. You do have impact and you also get to choose what impact to have, whether it is positive or negative. It is critical for a leader with heart to be thinking about the journey, and not focusing so much on the destination.

Even leaders who do most things right also do things which are not so great. But, it is in us and how we highlight those stories and their backgrounds that makes our learning so rich. 

Be that leader who is constantly focusing on the journey—on getting better, on improving, bringing people along, and lifting people up.

I have always been impressed with Heather’s authenticity. When she says leadership with heart, she means it. – Rich Gassen, Ep 32 Guest #leadershipwithheart Click To Tweet

Everything about leadership with heart, you have brought to life. Here we are, two years later with a hundred conversations with leaders with heart. – Neil Hughes #leadershipwithheart Click To Tweet

I have really enjoyed listening to an eclectic, diverse, and thought-provoking mix of guests. I’m just so proud to know you and follow you on your journey. – Gary Turner #leadershipwithheart Click To Tweet


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