Today is Memorial Day, and I get to sit at my kitchen counter drinking lovely coffee and breathing in the air and blue skies of Colorado. Yes! I GET to do those things. Everyday, I look into my children’s eyes and hug them and smell them, I feel like I have been given a gift. I know that that gift was not free. I know that the price for this gift is paid by others. The men and women who died for our country deserved to be remembered everyday and in every way. My husband and I talk to our children about the “why” for this day. We do not want them to take this day for granted, as just another day off from school.

My oldest son teaches me that service is not compulsory, but it comes from the heart. We are all called to serve others in our own way. He is only 14, and yet, I have only known him as someone who sacrifices himself for the good of his family and friends. Honestly, since he was about 2 years old, I could see how he would give things up for his older sister. At first, it was cute. Then, I started to worry that he may hold a grudge for sacrificing so much. Twelve years later, I know now that his self-sacrifice fills him up. His calling fulfills him.

Over the years, I would have these nightmares that he would choose to enlist and very immediately jump on a grenade for his friends in battle. I know him to be that type of person. Occasionally, I have those uneasy feelings, but then I see the smile on his face whenever he is helping, or being with, or sacrificing something for someone else. I know that it is just who he is to give like that. Not all of us are wired with that type of calling. I respect those who answer that calling for our sake.

Leaders whom have as their North Star the desire to serve those around them, inspire and rally like nothing else. Think about it! Would you rather go into battle with someone who requires you to follow them because of title only, or would you rather march along someone who shows you their willingness to put themselves on the line first, before inspiring you to do the same?

Today, I want to honor all those men and women who walked into danger to give me the life I live today. I honor your memory and your sacrifice. I know how much it meant to you to stand for us. You allowed me to bear wonderful children. Because I am free, I was blessed to have them. They help me to see your sacrifice through their leadership.

Thank you!


I hope you enjoyed this article. Please to share it with those who might benefit from its message. If you have served this country or lost someone through their service, I salute you!