Take this job and shove it!

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Employee retention

Employees feel valued and successful when they feel their voice is heard. Not only that, they feel like a vested member of the organization when, at least, some of their voice leads to positive change. The 7 Intuitive Laws of Employee Loyalty


Have you ever heard the song by Johnny Paycheck, entitled, “Take this job and shove it?” (Listen below) That song resonates with employees more than you might think.

Believe it or not, if you are a manager of teams, many of your employees are dreaming about delivering the same message to you.

What is the magic sauce to make them want to stay? How can organizations and the leaders that they employ make the employer employee relationship so strong that employees dream of delivering a different message to their leaders? Perhaps, it will be a message of gratitude instead of loathe.

I learned early on in law school that no matter what an employer or employee thinks they owe to the other, it is the other party’s belief about what they think you owe them that creates a disconnect. It is how they measure their loyalty to you. The size of the gap is what determines their length of stay with your organization.

This is the foundation for the psychological contract that exists between employer and employee, and is defined as:


representing the mutual beliefs, perceptions, and informal obligations between an employer and an employee. It sets the dynamics for the relationship and defines the detailed practicality of the work to be done. It is distinguishable from the formal written contract of employment which, for the most part, only identifies mutual duties and responsibilities in a generalized form. Rousseau, D. M. (1989).

The trick is for organizational leaders to decipher all of the signs of discontent and decide which are leading indicators for employee turnover and which are just as they are?

How do you know if your employees are ready to take your job and shove it?

Ask them.

There are many different ways to do this. I lay out all of the key ways to use the voice of your employees to strengthen the psychological contract in my first book, The 7 Intuitive Laws of Employee Loyalty.

Whether you commit to reading my book or not, my hope is that if you are a leader of people, you will use your power to improve the experiences of every employee you touch. You will positively add to and not detract from their perception of your intent. You will work to minimize the gap.




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