How Inclusive is Your Organization?

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The Missing Piece I was working with an organizational client recently on helping them attain their inclusion goals. They wanted to reach success in their inclusion journey but were missing one crucial part of the equation. Can you guess what … Read More

How Listening Drives Employee Motivation

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Motivation converts to Retention As an employee advocate, I regularly field questions about employee motivation. Human Resource leaders express concern over keeping their talent engaged, acknowledged, and feeling fulfilled at work. But, in one way or another, the advice I … Read More

Is Self-Care Trendy Enough for the Workplace?

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The Fireblazing Trail of a Hot New Trend The self-care industry has been thriving for a while. I partake regularly, whether it’s a mani-pedi, a good workout schedule, a bottle of wine, or some alone time. And I see that … Read More

Do this Before You Go About Change

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A New Perspective I’ve noticed a common theme in my work, and it has been on my mind and heart a lot recently. I have already addressed the difficulty, the challenges, and recommendations for moving forward with change when facing … Read More

The Key to Success

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The Negative Power of Never Have you ever built a piece of furniture and partway through realized you’re missing a piece or missing instructions, and the whole task is completely impossible? I don’t know about you, but IKEA stumps me … Read More

The Power of Listening

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Where is the Hope? Listening Did you know our nation has a shortage of hope? In a survey by Harvard Youth Poll from Spring 2021, “51% of young Americans (18-29) said that at least several days in the previous two weeks … Read More

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