Misunderstandings often arise not just from the words we use but from how we say them – our tone of voice. In this video, Heather Younger, author of “The Art of Active Listening” and “The Art of Caring Leadership,” offers essential tips for harnessing the power of tone in active listening.

Guidelines for Effective Tone in Active Listening:

  1. Match the Emotion: Adjust your tone to match the emotion of your conversation partner. Celebrate enthusiasm with an upbeat tone, and express empathy with a measured one.
  2. Vary Your Pitch and Pace: Keep your listener engaged by altering your pitch and pacing. Use a higher pitch for curiosity and slow down for emphasis.
  3. Pause for Emphasis: Strategic pauses allow your listener to absorb information and show your active engagement in the conversation.
  4. Be Mindful of Volume: Adapt your volume to the context; speak softly for intimacy and raise your volume for excitement or urgency.

Mastering the art of tone in active listening is pivotal for effective communication. For more in-depth details and insights, watch the video on YouTube. Discover how to lead by example and build a winning culture through active listening.

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