Loyalty Isn’t Cheap!

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Recently, I was watching a movie by the name of “Up In the Air.” While I will not bore you with the entire story line, the one thing that stuck out to me was a one-liner that the main character [played by George Clooney] said, “Loyalty isn’t cheap.


This has always been the case.


What is the price you will pay for loyalty?


Businesses pay a price to keep loyal customers and employees.


Sometimes, we pay a price that is not worth the trade-off.


Think about it! In order to be loyal to some person or organization, we must give up loyalty to something or someone else. We cannot be loyal to everything.


The main character in this movie gave up living a normal life in order to be loyal to an airline and a dream of earning almost unlimited miles.


What did he give up? What did he get?


What is your organization prepared to give up to gain the loyalty of your customers and employees?


Sure, it is tough work, but if you want to reap the rich benefits you must commit to being loyal to both.


Thank you for reading this. Please do add your thoughts to the conversation.

Good luck in choosing to whom and what to be loyal!

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