The #1 Way Leaders Destroy or Elevate Corporate Culture [Video]

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Corporate Culture


Trust is the foundation for all positive and lasting corporate cultures. Leaders must realize the role they play in either destroying or elevating culture.

In this video blog, I talk about the one thing that must happen in order to create trust and produce a positive culture. In fact, organizations that get this right will be well on their way to realizing their culture dreams.



For a very insightful study on the things that contribute to a trusting workplace, check out this study.


Thank you for listening to this video blog. I am a passionate advocate for helping leaders come closer to the front line by their words and actions. Trust is the bedrock. Please do Share this with someone who you think might benefit. I would also enjoy hearing your thoughts.




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  1. Liz Stincelli
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    You have hit on one of the core problem I see in organizations today. Many leaders put on one face in front of their employees and a completely different face behind their backs. It is very obvious to employees when you are not being authentic; they can see right through you when your words do not match your actions. This is when you lose trust and respect. Without these two key components to successful leadership, you lose all ability to influence others.

    • Anonymous
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      Liz, authenticity is so important. It does promote trust, doesn’t it? If leaders want to have a positive influence on culture, they must continue to create alignment. Thanks, Liz, for chiming in.

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