Continuing Education

As organizational leaders, it’s important to expand knowledge and education alongside career growth. Having a mindset of continuous skills development plays a huge role in success for your future and the future of those within your organization. However, finding ways to broaden skillsets can feel a little daunting. Furthermore, maybe your organization is still learning about the areas needing improvement.

I wanted a way to provide organizational leaders with options to do just that. That’s why my team and I have developed The Caring Leadership Self-Assessment, which is a tool to help your leaders define their leadership behavior and identify key areas for growth. Once you take the assessment, it will be apparent which Caring Leadership Academy courses are best for you and your leaders to transform your leadership style into one that leads with heart. This assessment was developed from research collected and analyzed to measure nine distinct areas of caring leadership, which we have transformed into The Caring Leadership Academy.

Our academy helps leaders learn how to build trust, inspire loyalty, and uplift their team and organization with online courses built for every stage of leadership development. There are many ways to increase skills, but we think these nine are the most important:

Self Leadership

10x your leadership skills for maximum impact. This course will teach your leaders how to lead others by leading themselves first.

Belonging at Work

Discover how to cultivate employee happiness, engagement, and motivation by ensuring people feel important and valued.

Strength-based Leadership

Lead teams to greatness. Hone communication skills to help employees aim their purpose at higher performance.

Team Decision making

Leadership should be a team sport. Learn best practices for encouraging cross-functional collaborations and teamwork.

Whole Person Leadership

Discover how to show true acceptance of team members by intentionally expressing empathy, compassion, and understanding.

Listening Cultures

Master active listening skills to help understand unmet employee needs and take meaningful action on their behalf.

Psychological Safety

Learn to create safe spaces where employees feel accepted and respected — no matter who they are or how they identify.

Employee Empowerment

Caring leaders are the opposite of micromanagers. Learn how to effectively empower team members to do their best work.

Team Resilience

Help your team develop the kind of resilience that will allow them to be happier, healthier, and ready for anything.

Just like anything else in life, building upon professional success is hard work. My goal with The Caring Leadership Academy is to turn areas of uncertainty into areas of confidence. So, if you’re a leader looking to fill learning gaps within your organization, let us accompany you on the road to prosperity!