#1 Reason to Craft a Compelling Customer Experience Vision, Now!

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In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision.-Dalai Lama



I have seen it time and again where senior leaders decide that they can move forward with executing on a tactical plan, because they want to feel successful. Worse yet, they oftentimes underestimate the importance of crafting and then communicating a compelling customer experience vision to their workforce. That is why I am broaching this topic.


What is the #1 Reason to Have a Customer Experience Vision?




If your organization wants real results in your customer experience efforts, the customer experience vision is the beginning and the end.


Everything else flows from this. It will serve as the “North Star” for your organization.


Without it, it is like you are walking on a highway in the dark with no reflective gear and your people are following behind you. You may make a few good moves in one direction or another, but in the end you get smashed.


I know that it is sexy to have early wins and start with things like training and surveys, but without a compelling picture and story, no one is ever clear why you are doing anything. Any change will be short-lived.


Take some time to think about what it is your customers want to experience when they partner with you. Think big about the possibilities. Craft that vision with a cross-functional group.


Heck, include some customers too!


Then, with much passion, communicate that well-crafted vision to the people you need to bring it to life; your managers and front line teams.


When you get their hearts and guts tied to this new compelling vision, you will be shocked by the results they deliver! Then, everyone can get to work!


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Happy vision-casting!

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