107: Leaders With Heart Consistently Appreciate Their People

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In this episode, Heather speaks directly with listeners on the International Employee Appreciation Day 2020. She highlights some of the real critical ways to show appreciation to employees. She also makes us think about the value appreciation brings and what its results can be.

Key takeaways:

  • What does feeling appreciated mean to you with those you lead?
  • Should showing appreciation be a cookie-cutter approach?
  • How often do you just sit with your people and dig deep to find out what’s going on with them?
  • In what ways do you show those you lead that the work they do is meaningful and that you value every bit of it?
Appreciation expands over many different concepts. May this episode enlighten you!

Different Motivations

Do your people see that the work they do is meaningful to the whole organization and the world?

Probably you have supervised at least one person. Now, there are some people who are motivated by money, and some people are motivated by incentives that actually do cost. 

There are greater percentages of people who will take a thank you for the times you are just sitting with them, engaging in deep conversations and giving them undivided attention. They are motivated when you show deep care for them outside of work, not just as team or project members, but as humans and people in this world.

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Leadership Legacy

Appreciation does not have to cost you a penny. – @CustomerFanatix #leadershipwithheart Click To Tweet

On this International Employee Appreciation Day, its great to celebrate! 

But each and everyone of us should master becoming the manager whom people will remember as the one who’ve made them feel important, valued, and listened to, especially when they move on to a new role in the organization or leave for another company. 

This is critical for employee retention. But it is equally critical to also think about our leadership legacy. How will our people remember us? 

Always Watching

People are always watching. 

Especially, they are always watching those in leadership roles. How do you want them to remember you when they stand around your casket?

Consider the small ways where you can show people that you care, so that they will look to you for guidance and loving care. Also, they will know that you are going to be in their corner. When you have accomplished that, you have accomplished true appreciation

Take care, thank you for joining, and have a wonderful day.

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How do you want your people to remember you when they move on, or when you move on from this world? – @CustomerFanatix #leadershipwithheart Click To Tweet


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