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That’s a lot of money that could be going toward your bottom line.

As experienced HR consultants at Employee Fanatix, we understand how overwhelming leaders can feel, constantly putting out fires. And we also understand how easy it can be to overlook internal resources with critical clues to the underlying source of any ongoing problems.

Front-line employees are often the best source of information about customers, quality control, and competition, but are often left out of the loop.

And that’s where we come in.

We offer a variety of HR consulting and facilitation services, and are here to assist your in-house HR and management teams to create listening cultures which ensure your employees feel heard, valued, and motivated to get to work.

By bringing a much-needed external perspective to your organization, we make sense of the data from employee and culture surveys and empower you to act on the results while ensuring your employees feel safe and supported throughout the entire feedback process.      

Whether you’re seeking insights around best practices for hiring, training, motivating, or retaining high-impact employees; want to improve employee communications across the board, create a more inclusive workplace culture, or create a customized employee engagement program, we can not only help you uncover challenges, but also devise actions plans to help you engage and motivate employees so that they stick around.

What Clients Are Saying

Voice of the Employee Programs

Employee Survey Data Evaluation and Synthesis

It is our experience that most organizations administer employee engagement surveys, but rarely have the time to digest what they hear. Oftentimes, the survey findings sit in an email box or folder never to be seen again. We can help you make sense of it all.

Action Planning

Once you have taken the time to listen via the survey process, it is crucial that you put an action plan in place to begin to use your new insights to improve your culture and your employees’ experience.

Cycle of Employee LIstening
Employee Communications

We know that you are short on time, and that is why we help you with all employee communications around the listening process. You can rest easy knowing we have that covered.

Employee Loyalty Onsite Audit

Not sure how you stack up against the 7 Intuitive Laws of Employee Loyalty framework? Let us evaluate your organization against the 7 Laws and inform your people strategy as a result. You will receive a full report with an overarching Employee Loyalty score and the steps we recommend you take to elevate your employee’s loyalty to your brand.

HR Consultants Facilitation Services

Employee Focus Groups, and Employee Engagement Committees

If you are looking for an experienced employee focus group facilitator, look no further. Our HR Consultants have facilitated hundreds of focus groups and have perfected the process that drives engagement and action.

Roundtable Discussions

Sometimes, organizational leaders simply need an unbiased third party to help move a process or conversation along. Our HR consultants are standing by to create a smooth process and help you get to the bottom of the issues you might be facing.

Leadership Retreats

Onsite or offsite retreats are an effective way to clear away the daily clutter and reveal more broader thinking. We work with you to facilitate your group’s learning and collaboration.