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  Do you know who you can trust? Can you be trusted? Merriam-Webster’s online defines Trustworthy as:   Just recently, trustworthiness became a big issue with my daughter. If you have read my previous posts on the lessons I learn … Read More
  Working with organizational leaders, front line managers and employees, I often see a huge disconnect between what employees expect from their leaders and what leaders do. A significant part of this disconnect is the fact that many leaders need … Read More
  Have you ever been a customer who felt like no one cared to listen to you? Whether we are talking about internal or external customers, there are some very clear ways you can show them that you are listening … Read More
We often think of leaders as strong and confident individuals whom possess or show very few faults. I would argue that we should turn this idea of leadership on its head. Vulnerable leaders are more beloved. Show more of yourself if you … Read More
  With graduation ceremonies abound, I have really been reminiscing on my high school, college and law school days. My thoughts prompted me to pull out my high school yearbook. I looked over the photos, and I also looked over … Read More
      This quote by Dean Koontz speaks to me deeply. I do not hold a PhD in Neuroscience nor am I an acclaimed author on Emotional Intelligence. Nonetheless, the one emotion that has always made me an effective … Read More
I often tell people that customer experience, customer service and customer relationship management are really mostly about having the right processes in place to support the customer’s journey. Below is a 5-step process I have used hundreds of times over … Read More
  In my role, I often meet with employee focus groups and leaders of organizations. While on one side I am privy to what employees think of their manager’s effectiveness, I also see first-hand some of the key mistakes that block … Read More
I recently spoke with a prospective client who told me that his organization was aiming to be the “Nordstrom” of their industry. In my position, I hear this a lot. To be clear, getting to be the Nordstrom of any … Read More
    I live in Colorado where the weather can be frigid and cold one day and sunny and mild the next day. Most people envision it as a place of non-stop snow, which is mostly untrue. A few weeks ago, we … Read More
  I have had the privilege to work with and interview some very committed managers. They were also leaders. There are really three common practices successful managers commit to doing consistently: 1. Successful managers recognize efforts I often hear that many … Read More
    {This article originally appeared as a guest post on Bill Quiseng’s customer service blog}   I recently read that live chat has the highest satisfaction levels for any customer service channel, with 73%, compared with 61% for email … Read More
  Last night I watched the Oscars for the first time in many years. Not a lot had changed-pretty women and handsome men showing off their best walk and most expensive dress on a red carpet. However, there was one … Read More
 1. You Value Your Customers. The quote above by Jim Rohn really does sum up, fundamentally, what customers want and need from the brands with which they choose to do business. How well do you take care of your customers? Do you truly … Read More
In the first of these articles, Rich Hazeltine of Zappos and I discussed the role that training and development plays in creating engaged employees, the challenges in moving away from a traditional model of management to a more self-organized one and … Read More

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