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This past week, I was honored to take part in Harvard Business Review Brasil, Brasil Week in Sao Paulo. I was super excited to share my insights on the key driver for employee loyalty with a large crowd of engaged … Read More
After speaking multiple times to hotel employees reluctant to give me the bed make and model, I finally spoke with the general manager who admitted his own issues with mattresses and agreed to provide me the bed information. I was … Read More
About 4 months ago, my husband and I were asked to become marriage mentors at our church. I have to admit, I was a bit surprised. I definitely did not see us as a worthy couple. I don’t think you’d … Read More
How important is your dash?
A while ago, my family and I visited my aunts and cousins in Ohio. It was the first time that both sides met one another. My kids had a blast getting to know people they had only heard about in … Read More
      Last night, I attended a fundraising event for an organization with a primary mission of ministering to the homeless. Every year, it is a powerful event, especially because those who do the ministering are freshmen in college. … Read More
    I have four children and run a thriving start-up business. Not unexpectedly, I often feel like I am burning the candle on both ends. In the last 6 months, I consciously decided to take better care of me. … Read More
      Just recently, I attended my first ever mentor walk. The idea is that a mentor and mentee are paired up and then walk a mile together to learn more about each other and to receive and give … Read More
  The backstory I recently had the occasion to present to two different groups on the concept of self-leadership. I didn’t choose this topic. The topic chose me. One client and then the next requested I speak and teach about … Read More
      My husband and I just returned from an away game for a sports team in the town in which we live. As members of a special club, we are treated to a complimentary away game and experience … Read More
  This last week, I had the privilege of speaking to the law enforcement officers of the Cal State Fullerton Police Department. A few months back, the chief of police was referred to me by a close friend. He had … Read More
Cooking up employee loyalty the In-N-Out way     I just returned from a week-long road trip with my family. It was a real hoot. Peppered throughout our adventure, we listened to In-N-Out Burger, A behind-the-counter look at the fast … Read More
    These last few weeks have been a whirlwind in my home. with three of my four children attending multiple camps each and some of them being at sleepaway camps for one or two weeks at a time.   … Read More
  The other day, I watched a beautiful ceremony at my son’s school, which was a wonderful symbol of the transfer of leadership. This school is Kindergarten thru 8th grade, and this would be the final full week of school … Read More
    “Mommy, look over there. There is a rainbow!” said my son, Matteo. I said, “I see it honey!” Then, he said, “Mommy, a plane is going into the rainbow!” I said, “It does look like that, huh?” (As … Read More
  In recent weeks, some high-profile organizations have had very negative media, from Facebook to Starbucks to Sun Country Airlines. Unfortunately, the list goes on. In each case, organizational leaders were in a defensive stance. They all found themselves having … Read More

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