Three Steps to an Inclusive Organization

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Creating an Inclusive Organization How can an organization really tell if it’s inclusive? There are diversity metrics it can track. But, there is a difference between diversity and inclusion that I’ve touched on before, and I’ll mention it again here.  … Read More

Three Steps to Sustainable Change

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Organizations and Change Many times I have been a part of organizations that embrace change. Or so they make you think. First, there will be the signature collective rally around the proposed change. Then, it becomes a constant buzz and … Read More

The Pandemic’s Effect on the Whole Person and the Whole Organization

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This week I want to dive into the pandemic’s effect on organizations. Maybe you’re rolling your eyes thinking, “oh boy, we’ve heard this before,” but I promise you a new perspective. The pandemic has had a vast and powerful impact … Read More

The Number One Ingredient to Successful Change

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Successful Transition If someone offered you the key to a near painless change process in your organization with no catch, would you take it? Today, I’m writing about the number one ingredient to smooth transitions. The number one ingredient to … Read More

Is Self-Care Trendy Enough for the Workplace?

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The Fireblazing Trail of a Hot New Trend The self-care industry has been thriving for a while. I partake regularly, whether it’s a mani-pedi, a good workout schedule, a bottle of wine, or some alone time. And I see that … Read More

Do this Before You Go About Change

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A New Perspective I’ve noticed a common theme in my work, and it has been on my mind and heart a lot recently. I have already addressed the difficulty, the challenges, and recommendations for moving forward with change when facing … Read More

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