Three Steps to an Inclusive Organization

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Creating an Inclusive Organization How can an organization really tell if it’s inclusive? There are diversity metrics it can track. But, there is a difference between diversity and inclusion that I’ve touched on before, and I’ll mention it again here.  … Read More

The Pandemic’s Effect on the Whole Person and the Whole Organization

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This week I want to dive into the pandemic’s effect on organizations. Maybe you’re rolling your eyes thinking, “oh boy, we’ve heard this before,” but I promise you a new perspective. The pandemic has had a vast and powerful impact … Read More

The Number One Ingredient to Successful Change

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Successful Transition If someone offered you the key to a near painless change process in your organization with no catch, would you take it? Today, I’m writing about the number one ingredient to smooth transitions. The number one ingredient to … Read More

Is Self-Care Trendy Enough for the Workplace?

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The Fireblazing Trail of a Hot New Trend The self-care industry has been thriving for a while. I partake regularly, whether it’s a mani-pedi, a good workout schedule, a bottle of wine, or some alone time. And I see that … Read More

Do this Before You Go About Change

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A New Perspective I’ve noticed a common theme in my work, and it has been on my mind and heart a lot recently. I have already addressed the difficulty, the challenges, and recommendations for moving forward with change when facing … Read More

How to be Caring in the Midst of Tragedy

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Worldwide Tragedy We don’t think any of us have been able to avoid the tragic news of the past week. Our world is suffering from sudden and drastic changes. Namely, we are talking about the Taliban crisis in Afghanistan and … Read More

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